NDC Technologies


NDC Infrared Engineering is the acknowledged leader in the development and manufacture of no-compromise measurement and control solutions for a wide diversity of manufacturing and process industries. NDC is the leading manufacturer of Measurement and Control Systems for process industries. NDC Systems are installed worldwide, combining measurement sensors, scanning frames and profile display and control systems to measure moisture, coating thickness, coatweight, caliper thickness, grammage, basis weight and more. NDC On-line NIR Moisture Gauges and At-line Analyzers are used for production control and quality assurance to measure constituents such as moisture, fat or oil, protein and coating thickness or coatweight. NDC also offers the best in service, training and support, through its worldwide Customer Care network. NDC products fall into two divisions:


NDC Systems – Measurement, Scanning and Profile Display & Control Systems for the web industries: paper, extrusion, nonwovens, calendering, converting. Key measurements included: thickness, basis weight, caliper, moisture content, coatweight, coating thickness


NDC Sensors – On-Line and At-Line Gauges for the Measurement of key constituents in Foods, Chemicals & Minerals, Building Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Paper & Converting.


The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 NDC has been supplying industry with gauging, measurement and control systems for over 35 years, helping our customers to achieve process efficiency and product quality improvements and, in turn, to retain their customers’ long-term loyalty. NDC products are designed to provide market-leading performance with lowest possible ownership costs and maximum reliability throughout their operating life. During this period, many things can change as your company introduces new products, adapts to new market conditions and gears up to meet the challenges which today’s manufacturing environment presents. To help meet this challenge, NDC Infrared Engineering offers a dedicated team of technicians and support professionals to serve the customers needs. Whether your purchase has been an on-line scanning system, an NIR on-line gauge, or an at-line analyzer, NDC is committed to providing outstanding service to the customer; in short, to be your “Measure of Quality TM.


NDC supplies measurement systems for the following key industries:







The InfraLab e-Series At-Line Foods Analyzer delivers rapid, accurate moisture, fat and protein measurements with minimal sample preparation and no special user skills. Ethernet enabled, it can be incorporated into LIMS and other management information systems.




The FG and TFG710S Thickness Sensors range provides highly accurate thickness measurements of extruded and cast film and sheet products, both single and multi-layer – with the ability to measure up to three components simultaneously. New for 2010 is the ability to measure the true thickness of voided films.




For the Further Processing of Meat products, fat analysis is a vital parameter, for quality and batch process control. the InfraLab Meat Analyzer is fast with a multi-component measurement of fat+moisture+protein taking just 10 seconds, saving you time and money in your process.




The MM710e On-Line Food Moisture Gauge can also be used for the measurement of fat and protein in a wide range of food products, such assnacks, dairy powders, coffee, chocolate and other food applications.




Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers can measure, monitor and improve production performance using NDC’s on-line thickness measurement systems for micro-porous separator films as well as coatings.




On-Line NIR Gauges, Moisture Analyzers and Organic Constituent Analyzers for Process Industries. NDC Infrared Engineering has developed and manufactures an extensive range of on-line Near Infrared measurement gauges each dedicated to a particular industry or application area. NDC moisture analyzers for the foods, building product, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industries are to be found in many thousands of locations world-wide. Other real-time measurements offered include organic constituents such as adhesive and coatings on paper and polymer substrates. All NDC Series 710e on line gauges are applicationengineered to specific customer requirements, ensuring rapid installation, ease of set-up and optimal connectivity, and feature Automatic Device Discovery to enable convenient network structures. The range of On-Line Measurement Gauges from NDC includes:


• MM710e Foods Gauge for Moisture Fat and Protein
• CM710e Industrial Moisture Gauge
• IG710e Moisture and Coatweight Gauge for Web processes
• PH710e Pharmaceutical Gauge for End Point Moisture
• TM710e Tobacco Gauge for Moisture, Nicotine and Sugars


In addition, the Series 710e Gauges benefit from a range of peripheral devices and multi-lingual interfaces to deliver their critical process measurement information to the right place and in the right format.



At-Line Analyzers for Moisture, Fat Content and other Constituent Measurements


NDC has developed Analyzers to meet the need for accurate, rapid at-line moisture and other constituent content analysis of samples taken from the process, and to provide reference values for continuity checking and calibration of on-line sensors. This function is distinct from traditional laboratory analysis, although NDC At-Line Analyzers are just as applicable in Quality Control as they are in Production. The key features of NDC At-Line Analyzers are:


Performance – stability, reproducibility and accuracy are to laboratory standards.
Ease of Use – no special operator skills are required.
Speed – results are available in around 10 seconds.
Robustness – designed for repeated long-term use in a production environment.


The NDC At-Line Analyzer Range comprises:


InfraLab e-Series Food Analyzers – a family of single and multi-component moisture, fat and protein analyzers for powders, flakes and granules in a wide variety of applications in Foods Processing.

InfraLab e-Series Meat Analyzers – single and multicomponent fat, moisture and protein analyzers for meat (beef, pork, lamb, poultry) for at-line analysis in Meat Further Processing and more.

InfraLab e-Series Tobacco Analyzers – a single or multi-component moisture, nicotine and sugars analyzer for GLT and Primary processing.

Moistrex MX8000 At-Line Paper Moisture Analyzer – a bench-top paper moisture analyzer for applications in paper making and converting.

InfraLab e-Series At-Line Food Analyzer for the Measurement of Moistuire, Fat and Protein:


The InfraLab e-Series At-Line Foods Analyzer from NDC provides rapid accurate measurement of moisture, fat and protein in single or multiple component configurations in a variety of Food Products. Easy-to-use, the Infra- Lab requires no special operator skills, and takes just 5 seconds to make the analysis. Using multi-wavelength NIR reflection, the InfraLab does not require contact with the product sample. The sample dish is placed on the turntable; the InfraLab automatically recognizes that it has been placed there and begins the analysis.


The InfraLab has its own substantial onboard data storage capacity (up to 10,000 sample files), but data can also be downloaded periodically to a USB memory stick or directly to a PC for analysis in a spreadsheet or other software, Alternatively, it connects via Ethernet to a PC where the data is stored and displayed and can also be integrated into a LIMS network. Application Areas include:


• Snacks
• Dairy Products
• Meat
• Chocolate/Coffee
• Corn Milling
• Ingredients and more


The InfraLab e-Series has been designed to be used in a foods processing environment and features:


• Hygienic design using food-safe materials
• Pass code protected user log in access
• Rugged and robust enough to be used in a production area


The InfraLab is designed to be calibrated to your laboratory method such as Gravimetric Oven or Karl Fischer for Moisture, and Soxhlet and Kjell-Dahl for Fat and Protein. This means that you can enjoy laboratory accuracy without the costs, the chemicals or the time associated with lab methods. In short, InfraLab offers a number of key benefits:


• Improvements to product quality and consistency by allowing more representative process sampling
• Significant time and costs savings for routine QC analysis Requires no special skills for routine use