Water & Wastewater


P.A.S. Technologies can help the municipal water systems by supplying instrumentation and measurement solutions to improve the cost accountability in the water systems.  From various flowmetering technologies such as magnetic flowmeters, from 1/16 of an inch to 72 inch magnetic flow tubes from Foxboro, transit time flowmeters from GE Sensing, averaging pitot tubes from Veris.  In combination with Foxboro and Themo Orion we can supply all electrochemical analytical measurements such as turbidity, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity.  For over 20 years, P.A.S. Technologies has also been a key supplier for PRASA providing depth level measurement transmitters from GE Druck, the PTX1200 series which has recently evolved into the Unik5000 Series.  As the wireless technology has been deployed in this type of application, P.A.S. offers a complete line of wireless products based on the 900mhz spread spectrum technology as well as a rugged high power 802.11ethernet radios from Phoenix Contact.  Specific to that industry, Sensaphone products using phone line and cell phone telemetry is part of our portfolio.

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